• Thirteenth Amendment Turns 150

    Watch the Second Founding celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment at the National Archives and National Constitution Center.

  • Second Founding Symposium on The Atlantic

    Independence Hall

    Constitutional Accountability Center joined with The Atlantic to bring together historians and thought leaders in an online symposium on America’s Second Founding. Read more about the series and the contributors.


  • The Fourteenth Amendment’s Guarantee of Birthright Citizenship

    The arguments against the constitutional guarantee of birthright citizenship put forth by Donald Trump and other conservatives are, to borrow a descriptor oft-used by Trump himself, losers. Literally. Far from offering a bold new immigration reform plan that would “make America great again,” Trump’s plan recycles anti-immigrant ideas that were resoundingly defeated 150 years ago. In the process, he foolishly rejects values that are part of what makes America great in the first place. Read more…

  • Senate Honors the Second Founding

    The U.S. Senate has unanimously honored the Second Founding with S.Res.198, co-sponsored by Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Mike Lee. Read the Resolution.

    Akhil SF
  • Second Founding Launch

    The Second Founding celebrated its launch in February 2015, with a panel and reception at the National Constitution Center. Check out a highlight reel of our launch event. More Events